Leadership & Culture Change

The future of work is hybrid. And digital transformation is not just an IT exercise, but a people journey!


I work with leaders and their teams in the IT industry, helping them to actively manage change, develop new perspectives and leverage the potential of everybody involved. Together we distill and transform your company culture and redefine leadership, ultimately enabling successful, sustainable business and higher employee and customer satisfaction.

Workshop     “Imagine, there is change and everybody joins in!”


Audience:         Managing Directors/Members of the Management Board 

Do you want to actively manage change processes in your organization or be controlled by them?

Digitalization of products, services and business models offers tremendous opportunity while at the same time posing many challenges for you and your customers.

In this workshop, you learn how to leverage the friction that go along with change. You develop a new perspective on the change process itself and the potential of everybody involved, and how to leverage these in terms of your goals.

Content includes i.a.

  • VUCA and the 3 useful allies
  • Typical phases and behaviours in change processes and their value for successful implementation
  • The change loop and its value
  • Concrete examples and tools for the transfer within your company and with your customers

Online-Webclass     “In 5 steps to excellent virtual leadership in unusual times!”

Audience:                        Leaders, Project Managers, Change Managers

Topics i.a.

  • From self-reflection to role-modeling
  • Effective virtual meetings
  • Emotional closeness & connection
  • Establishing meaningful boundaries

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