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Katja Pischel | Founder – Bridge Builder for Change
Germany’s Top Personal Branding Expert for Leaders in Tech
Leadership & Culture Change Consultant

Emotional intelligence, creativity and people management will be crucial to succeed in the digital age by 2022 and beyond.

The World Economic Forum

The future of work is hybrid. Companies & employees alike have to drastically change the way they lead, collaborate, market and sell. Therefore, I am passionate about enabling personal growth for leaders and cultural transformation for organizations in the IT industry.

My expertise is to inspire and build bridges for change, I shift mindsets to empower new behaviour.

My clients hire me for positive energy, clarity and empathy, and my ability to ask the tough questions that help them develop new perspectives and take focused action to transform their organisation and achieve the desired outcomes.

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What my clients say

Carmen Belasus


Business Development Manager,
Cloudbridge Consulting GmbH


As part of the Microsoft Fast Forward program, I took part in 2 of Katja’s workshops. Personal Branding was a topic that I was very curious about from the very beginning. How can I strengthen my brand without coming across too exaggerated. What are MY values, what do I stand for? The approach was just very good. Katja has perfectly understood “despite” or just “because of” her online format to take all participants along with her and bring us to our “core”. The “espresso” is still there as a metaphor. Her way of working is just like “balm for the soul”. One always feels “right” and encouraged to follow his/her own way. She convinced me so much, that I go as far as really recommending her from the bottom of my heart. 

Christian Meyer

Managing Director straight solutions GmbH

“I had the pleasure to work with Katja in various workshops in Microsoft’s Fast Forward program on topics like “Change Management” and “Virtual Leadership”. I am always thrilled how Katja emotionally meets me where I stand, promotes an inspiring group dynamic and enables an appreciative dialogue among the participants. In addition, I was able to benefit from the diverse and multifaceted practical examples that Katja brings to the workshops from her own professional experience.”

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How I Help my clients

Personal Branding

Career Strategy for Leaders & Professionals in Tech

What impact would positioning yourself and the work you do in an effective way, have on your career?

What impact would waking up energised and inspired to go to work have on your life?

Leadership & Culture Change

Workshops & Consulting for B2B IT Companies

What impact would high performing & empathetic leaders have on your employees?

What impact would engaged, empowered & customer-oriented employees have on your business growth?

Business Coaching

Coaching for Executives and Leaders

What impact would have clear values, priorities and focus have on your effectiveness?

What impact would have a clear strategy and communications on the success of your change projects?