Personal Branding for


“Personal Branding is way too superficial for me and it’s all about selling.” 

I hear this sentence several times a week.
And yes, the truth is:
we all “sell” something, all the time:

Our idea of the next dream holiday to our partners.
The success of our projects to our bosses.
Or our services to our customers.  

In my world, this is neither good nor bad, but it makes sense and is necessary for us to achieve our goals and live a happy life.

The truth is also:
Your personal brand is not á role that you play, costing you an incredible amount of energy.  
Something you pretend to be for more recognition or praise from the people around you.

My definition is:

Your personal brand is your purpose in action.

Do you want to position yourself as a recognized expert and successful leader in your company and industry?

Are you ready to take the next step in your career?

With my personal branding programs, I help you to become the CEO of your career!

In a highly fun and creative process, together, we develop a personal brand around your unique personality for more visibility and effectiveness. 


At the end of the program you will have your own Personal Brand Profile and

  • know what you stand for & what you want to be known for.
  • know how to increase your visibility with the right people.
  • have an effective strategy to move your career forward.

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